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Members celebrate sobriety by giving time, energy, and money in support of our Twelfth Step - carrying the message, the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship offers. Members assure that group expenses are paid by putting money into the basket passed at each meeting. It is each member's responsibility to support the services that have been requested by the A.A. Fellowship to help facilitate A.A.'s vital Twelfth Step. Contributions are made in a spirit of sacrifice, and they honor A.A.'s code of "love and service." Contributions also underscore the spiritual nature of our Fellowship and our mutual love and trust.

To help support A.A.’s essential services, the General Service Conference suggests that individual groups, through an informed group conscience, adopt a specific contribution plan tailored to meet the group’s financial situation. Once the basic group expenses have been taken care of (for example rent, refreshments, A.A. literature, Grapevine literature, local meeting lists, G.S.R. travel expenses to attend service functions), and a “prudent reserve” has been set aside to cover any emergency contingencies that might arise, the group may decide to further carry the message by sending money to their local service entities. For an example of a contribution plan, see A.A. pamphlet "Self-Support: Where Money & Spirituality Mix."

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Image by Paul Felberbauer


When we receive contributions, we use them to pay our monthly expenses for rent, insurance, postage, photocopies,  and other administrative costs. We also use them to fund our workshops and events, provide resources to groups such as literature items or information packets, and to participate in the annual Pacific Region A.A. Service Assembly. 

We support all groups in our districts, including those that cannot afford to make contributions. We value inclusivity and we do not discriminate on any basis - financial or otherwise.

The Combined Hollywood Districts does not accept contributions from non-A.A. groups of any kind, or from individuals who are not members of A.A. Individuals are limited to $5,000 per year; there is no limit on contributions from A.A. groups or A.A.-affiliated organizations. 

The Combined Hollywood Districts is an exempt nonprofit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, your contributions are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt indicating this, along with our EIN number. 

If you have questions about contributions, contact us or visit us at our monthly district meeting.


By Mail:  You or your group can contribute by mail: Please make check/money order payable to "The Combined Hollywood Districts."

Please include the return address, and group's name and GSO number. Send contributions to:

PO Box 480993

Los Angeles, CA 90048


We have added online payment processing through PayPal as a convenience to those who wish to contribute online. There is an added cost associated with each transaction to offer this service (2.2% + $.30) - some individuals and groups may wish to add this amount to their total, though others are not able to. Either way, we are grateful for your contribution!

Online contributions can be made with a major credit card or e-check through PayPal secure payment processing. You are not required to have a PayPal account to make an online contribution.

Please include the group's name and GSO number.

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